An excellent resource for any fighter or coach looking to enhance his training regimen.

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In this video, Sifu Larry shares unique Focus Glove training  with the emphasis on developing a high level of tactile sensitivity, visual target recognition, and sense of distance

Covering a full spectrum of drills ranging from single and combination Boxing drills, Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing, low line attack entries and more!

This video pairs extraordinary well with the “Infighting from the Clinch” (Volume 6) and “Focus Glove Fundamentals” (Volume 2)

As a very special bonus: Interview segments with Sifu Hartsell are included throughout the video and include some of Sifu Hartsell’s reflections on training with Bruce Lee.

Some of the topics covered on this video:

  • “Touch and Go” drills
  • Reaction and distancing drills
  • SDA drills isolating and perfecting single punches
  • Sensitivity, Tactile, and Visual cues
  • Hit & Respond drills to develop trigger reflexes
  • Sifu Hartsell’s “Measure Series”
  • Advanced tactile sensitivity
  • Clinch and in-fighting range drills
  • Boxing to Trapping range
  • Clinch to boxing to trapping sensitivity drill
  • Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing, SDA, ABC, low line attack kick entry drills

...and more!


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