The annual membership fee for being a member of the JFJKDGA is $95. Instructors are required to maintain current membership and student-level practitioners wishing to be ranked and become instructors in the JFJKDGA are required to have and maintain a current membership.

Our training program is available to everyone regardless of background. Our certification programs include training through our high-quality instructors worldwide. We offer private training, seminars, and instructors workshops and camps.

Although not a substitute for training with one of our certified instructors, we have made training aid videos that allow you to review the curriculum, train on your own at your own pace. For certification, you must seek out a certified Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association instructor for grading. Once earning instructor ranking, you will be expected to maintain 20 hours of in-person training with any or a combination of JFJKDGA Instructors who are at the rank of Full Instructor or Senior Full Instructor.


Membership to the JFJKDGA has its perks!

  • Schedule an appointment for counseling via live video via Skype, Zoom, or Vimeo with Debra Hartsell and senior instructors.
  • Assistance with preparation for testing and scheduling
  • Private training DVDs not available to the public
  • Access to the JFJKDGA Coaches and instructors
  • Pre-registration for live training and workshops
  • Live classes by instructors of the association


Debra Crosier Hartsell
Owner / Director

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