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This video series, presented by Sifu Burton Richardson, contains the curriculum requirements for students and aspiring Instructors in the Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association (JFJKDGA), founded by the late Sifu Larry Hartsell.

These videos are loaded with detailed instruction and contain all the material required for becoming certified in the Jun Fan JKD Grappling Association as a student or an instructor.

Here is a partial list of the categories that are covered on these videos:

  • Footwork
  • Boxing offense & defense
  • Kicking offense & defense
  • Partner sparring drills
  • Solo drills
  • Fighting from Clinch positions
  • Fighting from Ground/Grappling positions
  • Submissions
  • Ground escapes
  • Throws
  • Jun Fan/JKD Trapping
  • Isolated Sparring Drills for
    •  Boxing,
    • Kickboxing,
    • Clinch
    • Ground

...and much more!!!

This course is a progressive path from Level 1 to Apprentice Instructor, and is perfect for those who are interested in earning legitimate rank in the Art of Jeet Kune Do, or for those who are interested in becoming an instructor with legitimate lineage in one of the most highly respected Jeet Kune Do organizations in the world.

Note: There is a massive amount of material on these videos, below are small samples of the material covered in each level.

Level 1: Beginner Curriculum
Bai Jong Stance, JKD footwork: Step and Slide ,Slide and Step, Basic boxing, JKD Straight Blast, Salute, Slip, Bob and weave, The 3 timings of Jeet Kune Do, JKD Hook kick (O’ou tek) Partner Sparring Drills: SDA drills, Defensive Boxing, Defensive Kickboxing, Jab-Catch-Jab drill, Mirror drill, Side Headlock Counter ,solo drills, Clinch Range basics, Basic grappling positions, submissions: Kesagatame, rear sleeper choke, ground escapes Head Throw Jun Fan/JKD Trapping: reference positions, Pak Sao Da, Lop Sao Da

Isolated sparring drills: SDA kickboxing, Clinch vs. All Hands, wrestling: Hold vs. Escape, Submission vs. Reversal, Wrestle For Superior Position

...and much more!

Level 2: Intermediate Curriculum
Curving ,Rocker Shuffle Footwork, Duck, Shoulder roll Stop kick (Jeet Tek), Side kick (Juk tek) Defensive Boxing & Kickboxing against three count combos, Advanced Mirror drills, Advanced Jab-Catch drills, Defensive Boxing to Takedown, Counter Side Headlock (Go To Back)Thai Neck Clinch with knees

 Single Collar Tie with Knees & Uppercuts, Shoulder bump to headbutt to elbow Shadowbox combinations with footwork Twisting Head Throw JUN FAN/JKD: Compound Trapping Guard bottom, Guard Top, with strikes, LEG LOCKS ISOLATED SPARRING - LIGHT INTENSITY


 FREE SPARRING: Isolate: Kickboxing, Clinch/Tie-Up, Ground    

     ...and much more!

Level 3: Advanced Curriculum
Pendulum Shuffle 3 directions Lead Step Boxing Combinations panantukan boxing entry Oblique kick

(jik tek)  Stomp kick (dum tek) Inverted hook kick (qua tek) Jeet jik tek Jeet dum tek Ha wong pak Defensive Boxing/Kickboxing against combos split entry Defensive Boxing to Takedown Single Collar Tie to Side Strangle Throw STANDING LOCK FLOW TO TAKEDOWNS Mount Arm triangle S-mount arm bar Quarter Position Top, Side     choke Quarter Position Front Figure four face lock Jab- Parry with counterstrike reverse neck crank Elbow escape to guard Knee Bar JUN FAN/JKD TRAPPING:Compound

TRAPPING TO GRAPPLING PROGRESSION Clinch with Takedowns (no strikes) vs. Clinch with Takedowns WRESTLING Hold vs. Escape Wrestle For Superior Position FREE SPARRING

...and much more!

 Level 4: Apprentice Instructor Curriculum
Male Triangle Female Triangle All hand combos Mix headbutts, elbows, and punches Jun Fan/JKD Kickboxing Series Kick entry to hand combination Stop hit Kick defense takedown to standing Achilles lock takedown to knee bar Defensive Kickboxing including elbows, knees, and headbutts to takedown Clinch pummel drills  Kimura Americana Heel hook GUARD SWEEP JUN FAN/JKD TRAPPING GROUND ESCAPES ISOLATED SPARRING - MODERATE INTENSITY BOXING KICKBOXING TIE-UP (CLINCH) WRESTLING  FREE SPARRING

...and much more!

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