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Wetoskey Academy of Martial Arts

Guro Keith Wetoskey, Senior Instructor Wetoskey Academy of Martial Arts Waterloo, IN Guro Keith remains a leader and a top instructor in the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association.  Over the past decade Guro Keith, a senior instructor, and personal friend of SiFu Larry Hartsell, continues a role of leadership, while teaching and promoting […]

Dim Sum and JKD, by Tim Becherer

Dim Sum and JKD. Had to make a stop and pay our respects to Sigung Bruce’s original Chinatown LA JKD School. #inosantoacademy #DebraHartsell After our third day of a FMS (Functional Movement Systems) seminar, Alvin Catacutan, Paul McCarthy and I stopped in Chinatown (2 days in a row in Chinatown) for some lunch. Being just a […]

Adaptive Defense – Meet Brandon Ryan

Brandon Ryan Associate Instructor Location: Bellevue, NE T: 402-779-9683 Blog: Facebook: YouTube Channel: My Martial Arts Bio (In a Nut Shell) Hello, My name is Brandon Ryan, I am a 30 year old martial artist who has Cerebral Palsy. The following few paragraphs will summarize my Martial Arts history and current endeavors.  I started my martial […]

SiFu Rocky Twitchell

UC Davis Tech Inducted into Martial Arts Hall of Fame By Crystal O’Hara August 24, 2015 Photo: Karin Higgins/UC Davis Twitchell is responsible for inspecting the campus’s more than 6,000 fire extinguishers and instructing people on how to use them. Rocci Twitchell is a hot commodity, as UC Davis’ fire extinguisher technician and training coordinator […]

Wake Up! By, James Eke

Wake up! By James Eke Wake up. Two words I say to myself like a mantra. Wake up! For most of us waking up in any real way is something that we think we are doing but never really get around to. Think about how many times you’ve said you want to get more fit. […]

Q&A with Larry Hartsell

A Venture into Jeet Kune Do, Grappling and Open-Mindedness (from Black Belt Magazine, April 2004)   For years, martial artists have associated Larry Hartsell with two ultra-effective fighting concepts: grappling and jeet kune do. Bruce Lee’s system will forever stand at the forefront of martial arts popularity, and now that proponents of Brazilian jujutsu have […]

Larry Hartsell – An American Icon

Larry Hartsell reaches out his hand and as mine comes in contact I am impressed at the power of his grip. It is not the bone-crushing squeeze of someone who has something to prove but rather the subtle touch of a man who is wonderfully in control of both his physical and mental being. Hartsell […]

An American Martial Arts Icon: Sifu Larry Hartsell

(This article originally appears in AMAM Magazine) Forward provided by Richard Bustillo Larry Hartsell is considered to be among the premier Jeet Kune Do fighters in the world. Larry began his martial arts training by studying Judo in North Carolina from 1957 – 1960. He then moved to California, and for the next four decades, […]

What Yoga Does For Me

“yoga is as yoga does” (Elvis Presley Lyrics) There’s nothing youthful about having a sore back, feeling overwhelmed, or losing flexibility. Whenever I don’t do yoga for a few days, I start to feel all of these. For every day I don’t do yoga, it takes two or three days to get me back on […]