Dim Sum and JKD, by Tim Becherer

Dim Sum and JKD.
Had to make a stop and pay our respects to Sigung Bruce's original Chinatown LA JKD School.
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After our third day of a FMS (Functional Movement Systems) seminar, Alvin Catacutan, Paul McCarthy and I stopped in Chinatown (2 days in a row in Chinatown) for some lunch. Being just a few blocks away, we decided to stop by the location of Sigung Lee's Chinatown school.
More on Functional Movement Systems coming up. This is something that is a game changer for martial artists in my opinion. For current Association Instructors, I'm sure that myself, Alvin, Christopher and Dr. Mark Cheng(our association movement advisor) will be discussing this on the Instructors exchange page with some regularity.




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