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Larry Hartsell Instructorship Program If you're looking to train and pursue instructor certification in the JFJKDGA but don't live near a certified instructor, we are now recognizing official training groups. This is groups of student level practitioners who meet and train in the curriculum with the intention of advancing toward instructor level. JFJKDGA official training group rules and regulations

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association Training Groups Rules and Regulations

The JFJKDGA officially recognizes training groups if they meet the following criteria:

1. consist of at least 3 or more currently registered JFJKDGA members of the student level

2. have at least 1 current JFJKDGA instructor (of any level) as an advisor - it is the groups responsibility to reach out to one or more of the current instructors as the Association does not assign the advisor.

3. submit the following documents with the JFJKDGA each month a. a roll sheet stating who the members of the group (official current studentmembers of the JFJKDGA) are. b. a monthly lesson plan(s) approved by the group’s advisor instructor(s) c. a monthly training log/diary which includes attendance, hours trained, and material worked on. 4. at least one member has purchased or the group has purchased the Instructor Series DVD’s so that there is a reference to the curriculum and how to practice it.

5. members of the group must get facetime with current JFJKDGA instructors to advance in rank

6. the group may choose a leader(s), advertise itself and charge for training however, no member of the group can call themselves an instructor in the JFJKDGA until they have received that rank from an JFJKDGA instructor who is authorized to promote to the instructor rank as per JFJKDGA rules. Any training group falsely representing itself will be subject to immediate dismissal by the JFJKDGA.

7. Through training with current JFJKDGA instructors, we do expect to see training groups make effort to advance and not remain stagnant. Groups who remain stagnant (they are not training with association instructors to advance in ranking) are subject to losing their official recognition by the Association).

All current student members of the JFJKDGA will be admitted to the Facebook group: JFJKDGA Instructors and Students Exchange Page. The curriculum is available there and it is also a forum where current students can communicate with current instructors. We strongly encourage training groups to seek out time with current Association instructors for private lessons and seminars. The group members should attend seminars and even host them.

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The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association – Larry Hartsell Instructorship and all Certification Programs is a Professional Association (also called a Professional Body, Professional Organization, or Professional Society).

The roles of our professional association are variously defined: "A group of people in a learned occupation who are entrusted with maintaining control or oversight of the legitimate practice of our occupation. Though professional bodies we protect the public by maintaining and enforcing standards training and ethics in our profession.
Therefore, in certain dispute situations the balance between these two aims may get tipped more in favor of protecting and defending the professionals than in protecting the public.

As a Processional Organization we are involved in the development and monitoring of professional educational programs, and the updating of skills, and thus perform professional certification to indicate that a person possesses qualifications in the subject area. Membership of a professional body, as a legal requirement, can in some professions form the primary formal basis for gaining entry to and setting up practice within our profession and for the teachings of our professional organization.

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