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Justice for JFJKDGA instructor Christian Gironimi

another great share from Billy Poston. For those of you who know Christian Gironimi you will say this is exactly how he always was and why we miss him. for those of you who didn’t know him, this is exactly how he always was and why we miss him. please have a look at my […]

Dr. Bryan Stoops Seminar

Would you like to join us for our last, public, complimentary, Wednesday Zoom classes? Here is the schedule for today: 4pm – 5pm: KidPersist 5pm – 6pm: Silat 6pm – 7pm: Filipino Martial Arts Here’s the link for today: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89872333436 Yes, we have a special session tomorrow too, but that’s only to help wrap-up my commitment […]

Edmond Parker, Jr. – Artwork Certificates

JFJKDGA CERTIFICATE DESIGN BY EDMOND PARKER, JR. Edmond Parker, Jr. is the son of the late Edmond K. Parker (10th-degree black belt) and is the undisputed “Father” of American Karate. Our lineage and heritage are with Edmund Parker Senior. Who better to design our certificates than Edmond Parker, Jr. He’s a legendary artist and designs […]

JFJKDGA Instructor Footage/Martial Arts Legends

Larry Hartsell Interview Inside Martial Arts Senior Instructors Paul Irish/Stephan Kuss Senior Instructor Sifu Burton Richardson Featuring Solo Training Series An inspirational short film about how JKD Unlimited students and instructors continue to train even while quarantined. Imagined and created by JKDU Cincinnati Head Instructor Sean Sutton. Thank you Sean! Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do […]


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