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JFJKDGA Newsletter

NEWS & UPDATES The JFJKDGA newsletter is coming soon. Please email articles, photographs, seminars, events to [email protected] If you are teaching online please submit your channel including dates and times. Best, Debra jkdassoc.com

Dr. Bryan Stoops Seminar

Would you like to join us for our last, public, complimentary, Wednesday Zoom classes? Here is the schedule for today: 4pm – 5pm: KidPersist 5pm – 6pm: Silat 6pm – 7pm: Filipino Martial Arts Here’s the link for today: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89872333436 Yes, we have a special session tomorrow too, but that’s only to help wrap-up my commitment […]

Sifu Burton Richardson -Martial Masters Class!

Burton Richardson 15 hrs  ·  Martial Masters Class tomorrow! First-class is empty hands, 2nd is weaponry. If you can’t make the times, you can purchase and watch later. Ron Balicki will post the video a few days after the classes. Everyone who registers will have lifetime access to the class.   I hope to see you […]

Members Area (Jkdassoc.com) – Updates

We experienced a few technical problems in the Members Area, and I believe all issues are fixed.  Please email me if you have any difficulties or sign-in issues.  Also, any other issues.  I can’t fix it if I don’t know about it.   Please also email me your feedback and experience as you navigate the site. […]

Membership/Instructor Fee Updates

Our website is fully set up for “updating” Instructor Association Dues or and New Memberships for payment. I no longer act or process as a merchant. The reason being is the current payment processing system on our site automatically generates entry into the Members and Instructorship area. I am not able to physically process your […]

COVID-19 Trying Times

Be Kind,  Be Safe and Practicing Social Distancing.  If testing is available to you — get tested! We are living in unprecedented times. The entire world is focusing on coronavirus pandemic.  Legions have contracted the illness and many have died from it.  The virus surprised every sector of society and caught many people unaware and […]

JFJKDGA New Training Groups

Published by Tim Becherer · Larry Hartsell Instructorship Program If you’re looking to train and pursue instructor certification in the JFJKDGA but don’t live near a certified instructor, we are now recognizing official training groups. This is groups of student level practitioners who meet and train in the curriculum with the intention of advancing toward instructor level. JFJKDGA […]

Membership is Required

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association Larry Hartsell Instructorship Programs Larry Hartsell Instructors Membership is required The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association – Larry Hartsell Instructorship and all Certification Programs is a Professional Association (also called a Professional Body, Professional Organization, or Professional Society). The roles of our professional association are variously […]

How do I get started ?

Please review the PDF file. Instructors Certification

FRAUD Instructors & Websites

There are currently other organizations illegitimately claiming to represent Larry Hartsell and his teachings. Among these are the so-called “Larry Hartsell Original Instructor Group”. People commit fraud because they want to be someone they are not.  It happens all the time in Martial Arts.  Before you begin your training unless your Instructor is World Known […]


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