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Instructor Banned – Spain – Pirated DVDs

Lesicio Prieto Blanco (Spain) is permanently banned from the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Assoc and his instructorship revoked for selling pirated DVDs of Larry Hartsell videos, Rick Fay videos, Rick Tucci videos, Guro Dan Inosanto seminars and Danny Lonero seminars on EBay. Proof: Sold to JFJKDGA Senior Instructor. Copyright and Trademark infringement filed […]

JFJKDGA New Training Groups

Published by Tim Becherer · Larry Hartsell Instructorship Program If you’re looking to train and pursue instructor certification in the JFJKDGA but don’t live near a certified instructor, we are now recognizing official training groups. This is groups of student level practitioners who meet and train in the curriculum with the intention of advancing toward instructor level. JFJKDGA […]

Association October 2015 Newsletter

Dim Sum and JKD, by Tim Becherer

Dim Sum and JKD. Had to make a stop and pay our respects to Sigung Bruce’s original Chinatown LA JKD School. #inosantoacademy #DebraHartsell After our third day of a FMS (Functional Movement Systems) seminar, Alvin Catacutan, Paul McCarthy and I stopped in Chinatown (2 days in a row in Chinatown) for some lunch. Being just a […]