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Alvin Catacutan Seminar, Winnipeg

If you’re in Winnipeg this coming weekend, association instructor Alvin Catacutan is giving a seminar.


SECRET Filipino Dirty Boxing and Silat Semimar in Winnipeg!
Saturday August 1st.
9:00 am

84 Isabel St, 2nd Flr,
Winnipeg Phone: 204-996-1155 or 204-995-2821

New Price for my Facebook friends!
$15 Dragon’s Den Members!!!

The SECRET is OUT! I am in Winnipeg right now. My Dad’s surprise party was a success! Now I can talk freely about my visit here in Winnipeg.

The reason I’m doing this seminar is to establish a yearly visit to enhance the reputation and awareness of Filipino Martial Arts in Winnipeg. This is near and dear to my heart. I want locals exposed to our arts and culture. I want everyone to recognize the greatness that lives and breaths in Winnipeg!


Alvin Catacutan – A Senior Student and Certified Instructor under world renowned martial arts master Maha Guro Dan Inosanto – will be conducting a seminar in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The seminar will cover Filipino Dirty Boxing and Silat Ground Combatives (Dirty BJJ). Learn concepts and techniques that will take your martial art and Combat sport to Street Level!

All skill levels welcome!

Lets get DIRTY!