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Welcome Instructor Charlie Higgins – Chino Valley, AZ

Chino Valley, AZ Charlie Higgins Email: Telephone: 480-772-8886 I have studied many styles of the arts over the past forty years Judo, Karate, Taekwondo (ATF, WTF, GTF, ATA), Aiki-jujutsu (Daito-Ryu), Hapkido (Sin Moo), Pencak Silat, Arnis, Krav Maga (IKMF) and enjoyed training at many seminars. The seminars that come to mind are with Guru […]

Update Instructor Marvin Ishmael

UPDATE: Instructor Contact Information  Marvin Ishmael Email: Website: Phone: 403-909-5278

Meet Instructor Atticus Todd – Los Angeles, CA

Instructor Atticus Todd Los Angeles, CA Hello!  My name is Atticus Todd and I currently teach as a Senior instructor at the internationally famous Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts.  I grew up in agrarian Southwestern MN on a little farm next to a game preserve where life consisted of hunting, fishing, farm work and wrestling.  […]

Welcome Instructor Dale Palumbo – Solon, OH

Dale Palumbo Senior Full Instructor Solon, OH Email: Telephone: 440-382-4948 Rankings/Certifications: JKD Grappling Association/Senior Full. Judo Black Belt, BJJ Black Belt (AJJIF) Shooto Full Instructor. When I took my Apprenticeship level test, my partner had a much higher skill level than me. I struggled with takedowns. Yet, Larry was very patient in explaining the […]

Welcome Instructor Louis Eguaras, Valencia, CA

Welcome Instructor Louis Eguaras Eguaras Academy of Martial Arts Location: Valencia, CA Telephone: 213-280-9950 Email: Sifu/Guro Louis Eguaras started his training in the martial arts at the age of seven years old in Manila, Philippines and has over 35 years’ experience in the martial arts. In 1991, he received his first black belt degree from […]

Welcome Scott Yusah, Instructor – Hollywood, CA

Please Welcome Instructor Scott Yusah Hollywood, CA Email: Scott is a student and Shooto instructor at the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts. Other Ranks: — Associate Instructor in Shooto under Sensei Yori Nakamura. — Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Gary Padilla (head BJJ instructor at the Inosanto Academy and JJ Machado […]

JFJKDGA Advisor Guro Laureano – Kali Camp


Meet Instructor John Doty, Ashland, OR

Meet Instructor John Doty John Doty Head Instructor NexGen JKD Address: 255 Helman, #5 Ashland, Or. 97520 Website: Telephone: 541-301-2570 I began my journey into martial arts in 1964 with Ed Parker. It was there I first came to know Guru Dan and Sifu Larry Hartsell. I was privileged to have known ,as a […]

Please Welcome Instructor – Dave Reynolds, Monroeville, PA

Dave Reynolds Monroeville, PA Email: Telephone: 412-708-2875  

Please Welcome Bill Sampson – Instructor Brazil, IN

Bill Sampson Email: Telephone: 812-325-4171 Brazil, IN